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Of Course You Can

Dr. Peale tells us that there are four words that can change your life, they are “of course you can.” Then while you won’t be freed from difficulty, you have the spirit of overcoming. Dr. Peale shares his 10 “Of Course You Can Principles,” by which anyone can change their life and become an overcomer.

Happiness Can Be Yours

Authorities have said that mental depression is a number one symptom and that 60 percent of people are unhappy most of the time. Dr. Peale explains, the Christian religion is the Gospel of happiness. He says, “They leaped for joy, that’s the way they described Christians. And they rejoiced with joy unspeakable and full of glory.” With Jesus you can be happy always.

How To Have The Winning Spirit

Dr. Peale spoke to the Louisiana State Bankers Association, where above the platform was a large banner which read, “Have the Winning Spirit.” NVP asked the man at his left what it meant. He said, “It means with God’s help you can attain your goals.” NVP asked the man on his right what it meant. He said, “Be an overcomer.” Dr. Peale reminds us of William James’ words, “The most important thing at the beginning of any enterprise is belief. Believe and you can be an overcomer.

The Hidden Power In You

Psychologists say the average person uses no more than twenty percent of their brain power. Dr. Peale says that in our heads we have about three pounds of tissue, the most marvelous instrument ever created, the mind. He says that if he could begin to use twenty-five percent he’d be ranked with the greatest preachers of all time.

Life Is The Message

In this Easter message Dr. Peale shares the stories of Dwight Eisenhower and Alfred P. Sloane and their faith in eternal life. Dr. Peale says, “Life, vital exciting, enthusiastic, creative, joyous, exciting. That is the message of Easter. Somebody in ancient times described Christianity as the song of skylarks and the babbling of brooks.”