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The Secret Of Making Things Go Well

Dr. Peale tells us that if for 15 minutes every day you intensively believe in faith and with prayer together with the application of selected positive thoughts to the thing that is not going well for you, you can make it go well. The most powerful force you have is what you honestly say to God and what you honestly say to yourself and believe.

Try Happiness – It Works

Dr. Peale says that in every human beings life there’s going to be trouble, but you have to have a built in buoyant readjust-ability to ride it out. NVP shares about traveling on the ship QEII. He admires how she handles a “head storm.” Always there’s built into ships something that brings them ever back up. That same thing has been built into you. You have as a gift of God a rebound quality and when you know you can rebound against anything, then you’ve tried happiness and found for sure that it works.

Program Your Mind To Be A Winner

Dr. Peale says all people have to do is turn on the power and program their minds to be a winner. What is a winner? It is the opposite of a loser. To become a winner program your mind with the sword of the Spirit. Dr. Peale shares the stories of several who have done this including a boy from Miami, Florida who at 22 years of age was dying. He stumbled on NVP’s book, The Power Of Positive Thinking. He read it twice and put the principles to work. He accepted Jesus as Savior. He said, “The transition that took place over me that time could only be described in one way, God’s work. I stood up to life and hit it hard.” Dr. Peale says, “Get all error out of your mind, get rightness in.”

Does Positive Thinking Always Work?

Dr. Peale says it is always an exciting experience to stand before a congregation, because out in front of you is one of the most exciting phenomenon, human faces. He tells us, “Whether I know you personally or not, I know the principle thing about you, hidden in your mind is an awesome power by which you can change your life. Where you have real faith there is a close relationship with mental organization. The more deeply you’re committed to Jesus, the more intelligently your mind functions.

How To Increase Your Self Confidence

Dr. Peale says, “When you begin to put yourself down, you’re doing a very unchristian thing. Better get a better opinion of yourself.” He quotes William Shakespeare, “What a piece of work is man! How noble in reason! How infinite in faculty! In form, in moving, how express and admirable! In action how like an angel! In apprehension how like a God!” Dr. Peale tells us that the way we get a good opinion of ourselves is through our association with the One who made us.

Your Built In Miracle Power

Dr. Peale says you have the capacity to handle anything you will ever face in this life. He built into you wisdom, comeback power, resiliency and enormous strength. You’ve got a built in miracle power. He shares the stories of those who have used this miracle power to overcome. He says, “Think miracles instead of limitation, defeat and what you can’t do. Don’t think about failures, think about what, by the grace of God, you can do.”

Amazing Prosperity Plan

Everybody would like to be successful, prosperous and happy. Dr. Peale says you spell success with four letters, GIVE. Some people think you spell it GET, but that is erroneous. If you spell it GIVE, then life will flow to you and you will GET. NVP shares the stories of several people who have discovered this amazing prosperity plan. He asks, “If you are not as successful, prosperous or happy as you ought to be, are you giving enough?”

The Positive Way To Change Your Life

Dr. Peale tells us, we don’t need to remain as we are. We were created by Almighty God and He never made anything badly. Dr. Peale says, “If you and I haven’t achieved what He had in mind, that’s not His fault. The blame lies with us, but change also is inherent in us, He confers upon you and me authority over all problems.” He reminds us to always look ahead, life has illimitable opportunities. If you take authority from Jesus, there is no limit to what your life can be.

How To Handle Your Problems

A problem can be, and usually is, inherently good. When the Good Lord wants to give you the greatest value in this life He inserts the value in the center of a big tough problem. But even so it seems people don’t like problems. The way to handle a problem when it comes along is to think about it, study it, pray about it and then bring God into it as your partner.