A Sure Cure For Worry

Dr. Peale tells us that the presence of God is a reality. Say to yourself in the morning, at noontime, when you go home and before you go to sleep, “The Lord is with me. You will build up within yourself a consciousness and absolute certainty that this is fact. Though illustrations from the lives of several people, Dr. Peale reminds us that faith is stronger than worry. Worry can’t exist in the same place that is filled with faith.

3 thoughts on “A Sure Cure For Worry

  1. I am 68 years old. I was brought up on Dr. Peale’s sermons and he has been a presence by his printed sermons, Guideposts, and his books. Being able to listen and see him here is having a profound effect all over again. Through him my faith has been kept strong in knowing that Christ is with us always even when we are too busy to notice.

  2. Going through a bit of personal discovery and a rocky relationship has caused my worry to flood my life. This sermon is helping abate the waters.

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