Stop Worrying And Get On With Your Life

Dr. Peale says, “You and I were not born to worry, God sent us into the world worry free.” He explains that worry comes from the old Anglo-Saxon word “wingman which means to strangle, worry can strangle us. He explains that to prevent yourself from becoming a worrier, become a greater person of prayer and dedication and commitment to Jesus.

10 thoughts on “Stop Worrying And Get On With Your Life

  1. I find it very hard to stop worrying about thing. I need prayer about it, yes I know what the word says about it but I ‘am a work in progress Please Help Me

  2. I have read Dr. Peale’s “The Power of Positive Thinking”, but it was many years ago.
    I would like to read more of his writings through your apps.Thanks for making it available!

    1. Hi Deborah Joy Young,

      Checked the sermon in the iPhone and Android versions and it works for me. Can you please give it another try and let me know if it works for you?



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